Costumes and Recital Fees


A deposit of $50 per one hour class must be paid by November 1st of each year.
If a student takes more than one hour of instruction and chooses not to do a
particular routine, please notify the office as soon as possible. Whenever feasible,
we try to use a “two in one” costume for combination classes. Costume prices do
not include tights and shoes. The instructor will make the decision as to color of
tights and shoes. Shoes can be painted to achieve required color. It is the parent’s
responsibility to contact the teacher or check the bulletin board for these instructions.
(This information will not be sent home)
The only other expense as far as costumes go may be ribbon for shoes and hair.
The cost for this has never exceeded $10. All costumes must be paid in full before
December 1st. Paying your balance in full guarantees you being ordered a costume,
a down payment does not. Tuition must be current before costumes will be handed
out. A necessary part of every costume is for everyone to wear makeup during
performance. Under stage lights this helps to enhance every student’s natural

Recital Fee/Tickets
A recital fee of $50 is due March 1st each year. The recital fee is used to
produce the recital by paying for scenery, rental of equipment, etc. All
students are invited to participate. However, participation in the recital is not
mandatory and students who commit themselves to dance in the recital MUST
attend the dress rehearsal. Please do not commit to any other activities on the
day of dress rehearsal. We produce a quality program that we offer at recital.
There is a charge for this program if you choose to purchase one.

Dancewear Items
Dance shoes, Tights, Leotards and Rhinestones can be purchased/ordered through us.
There are several different styles so please check with your instructor as to what you
may need.